Green riding, low-carbon life themed events

2015-04-09 13:13:49 admin 54

Yao Kyushu , light of the world , Kyushu city of LED lighting exhibition Expo kicked off the city as a focus of environmental protection energy-saving lighting companies GMY been committed to the implementation of the concept of green lighting , from the precipitation of corporate culture to the development of energy-saving productswe respect the people-oriented principle , to create high-quality green lighting products. Improve energy efficiency , environmental protection, actively respond to global climate change.

June 8, 2013 , GMY Kyushu City stores set up, is stationed in the LED market GMY banner . The same day, GMY company marketing department, according to the Ministry and electricity supplier yet Heshan wolf way Cheyou jointly organized dozens of people cycling team, along Kyushu city bypass, by our actions promote low-carbon life , leading the side with people who participate to protect our planet . 6:30 GMY way car lovers with Heshan wolf wolf activity staff gathered in transit Bicycle Club , posed for pictures before departure , look, we are ready ! Confident, seventy kilometers if lightly !


Red and white "good lighting , professional heart" , green and white is " still photo banner ," yellow red is "GMY GMY lighting ," a car for every banner fluttering in a beautiful morning , filled with youth, filled with vitality , filled with our historic mission ! Blue sky and white clouds dotted the landscape of River City , our fashion , our green , our passion, our smile , kiss , you feel the same?

7:30 : The team docked Xiaolan Ruifeng light with the city , tired? Not tired ! And everyone together, no problem !We are a team of Wolves way , not a sheep property ! Little rest , our team continues to advance towards LED Kyushu city .

9:45 : The team arrived in Kyushu city . We circling a week , as we go into the sun , we are riding the green warriors , glorious Kyushu , today's most dazzling brilliance belongs to us ! Car jersey faithful word "GMY GMY lighting " and " according to Shang " is particularly conspicuous , becoming the opening ceremony of the most beautiful scenery line ! We are GMY , we are still shine , we create a dark horse , positive youth ! Laughter and sweat belong to us, praise and applause eyes followed us all the way ! We highlight the spirit GMY is the green , energy-saving , low-carbon , environmentally friendly , happy , human ! "Green riding, low-carbon life , GMY lighting with you ," GMY people always support the development of green lighting ! This is our faith , determination and love !