GMY innovative strength of the products involved in selection

2016-02-29 14:16:47 67

October 9 morning, Hongyan Nan early to depart for Guangzhou . What's different is that the purpose of the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer from Heshan GMY Lighting Appliance Co., Ltd. of this trip is not to discuss business , but with independent research and development of three innovative lighting products selected to participate in an innovative the launch event.

At 10:00 on October 9 , conducted by Global Market Group and its launch , the establishment of global quality Manufacturers Alliance co-sponsored aimed at the Chinese manufacturing strength selected the most innovative products for the global promotion of innovation in product selection tournament Guangzhou officially started. According to one of the organizers , has focused on the promotion of "Made in China " has become a symbol of quality Global Market Group revealed that the tournament has attracted a total of 2,053 companies nationwide submitted 4,217 product entries . In Jiangmen , also attracted 198 similar Hongyan Nan led GMY Lighting Co., Ltd. Such companies submitted 422 products competition.

The reason to participate in this innovative product selection contest , visit from Hongyan Nan Lighting Fair 2007 Speaking of Milan, Italy . That time , in order to examine the global markets group in the global promotion of the professional capacity of the domestic product , Hongyan Nan follow their trip to Milan to understand the situation . However, a recognized global marketing capabilities, he also learned of another message, " Milan Lighting Fair organizers told me that due to lack of innovation in the domestic lighting products not in this show exhibitors ."

Hongyan Nan feel insulted . " China as a big country lighting , lighting products of our own production actually not in such a show exhibitors ? ' Inability to take into account national counterparts , Hongyan Nan intention to do yourself . After returning home ,yannan hong the "innovation " word as a corporate core values , not only in products, and even in business administration , he " drastic" to be adjusted. Today, Hongyan Nan led GMY Lighting Appliance Co., Ltd. has more than 30 patents per year of production, the company also profits quadrupled 2 years. And to prove the strength of corporate innovation , so Hongyan Nan took three innovative lighting innovative product selection to participate in the contest .

Prof. Tong Huiming too many times to believe Jiangmen , Jiangmen now more than the entire Pearl River Delta manufacturing are facing opportunities and challenges of innovative products . The launching ceremony, the president of industrial design from the Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts , said , whether in school or business, he has never denied the Pearl River Delta manufacturing innovative products in the " short board ." "I always tell you that , look back to the 20th century , the entire human creatures no one is from China ." Said Tong Huiming , in order not everyone can say after four great inventions of ancient China , the Pearl River Delta manufacturing might first action. At the same time , he suggested that "Apple " brand , for example, the " innovative design driven brand development , science and art , changing the way people live ."

Turning to the significance of manufacturing innovation buyers to attend the launching ceremony of buyers in Singapore bathroom brand dealers high PYI believe that in today's highly competitive market conditions, the only manufacturer to design a good product, buyers and is it possible to do business between them. As to the significance of this event organized , Organizing Committee Chairman Deng Xiaojin said that in addition to the sense of innovation wake of enterprises, Global Markets Group as a brand focused on the promotion of Chinese enterprises , " but also contribute to global buyers noticed the transformation and upgrading of China's manufacturing industry efforts and achievements , thus contributing to the development of enterprises . "