• Senging distance: 8-10m
  • Size(尺寸): 340*90mm
  • Lumen(流明): 1050Lm
  • Power: 12W
  • Ra: ≥80
  • CCT(色温): 6000K
  • Input Voltage(电压): AC100-240V 50Hz

Light control function:Under high illuminance condition (> 14 Lxu) the lamp automatically cease to work;otherwise, the lamp works in sensing controlled mode.

Radar sensing function: In sensing controlled mode, when there is any moving object, radar senses the movement and activates lamp to work in a full load state of 8W,

with 10-20 seconds delay; the lamp is off when radar senses no moving object.

Sensing range: 8-10 meters, 360°around the lamp.

Light control sensitivity: <14 Lux

Scope of application: particularly suitable for residential corridor, hallway, bathroom, balcony, basement, garage, storage, monitoring and other places that requires energy-saving automatic lighting.

Scope of application: particularly suitable for residential corridor, hallway, bathroom, balcony, basement, garage, storage, monitoring and other places that requires energy-saving automatic lighting.