• Senging distance: 3-10m
  • Lumen(流明): 1500Lm
  • Power: 16W
  • Ra: ≥80
  • CCT(色温): 6000K
  • Input Voltage(电压): AC100-240V 50Hz

Radar sensing function: when there is any moving object, radar senses the movement and activates the tube to work in full load state of 16W;the tube is off or with micro-light when radar senses no moving object.

Delay function: when there is no moving objects to trigger sensor, the tube is off or has micro-light with delay of 25-30 seconds;
Micro-light function: When people leave sensing area, the tube automatically turns to energy saving mode with micro-light (about 1-2W).
Sensing range: 3-10 meters (adjustable),360° around the lamp.
High luminous efficiency, low power consumption, big light angle and good performance.
Using dedicated constant current power supply to effectively control the lifespan and stability of light source.
Green, without lead, mercury or other pollution elements, no pollution to the surrounding environment.
Noble quality, top fashion design, beautiful appearance and with high color rendering index.