• Lumen(流明): 2400Lm
  • Power: 36W
  • Ra: ≥80
  • CCT(色温): 2700K/6500K
  • Input Voltage(电压): AC100-240V 50Hz
Button and touch-control integrated function selection
Quick color-adjusting with button control, 50-grade color-adjusting with touch control.
User-friendly, can use remote control to turn on/off and to adjust brightness.touch control to adjust brightness as well as button adjustment;
LED light source adopted; the power consumption is 20% of traditional incandescent; service life 10 times of energy-saving lamp.
Easy to use, safe and stable. Energy saving and environmentally friendly.
RF remote control, 50-grade brightness adjustable.
With memory function, automatically use previous lighting mode when turned on.
A variety of specifications (power, size, color and appearance) available
Low power consumption, stable and reliable, long life.