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Unique optical design, without light pollution, glare or strobe,with uniform light field distribution

  • Input Voltage(电压): AC100-240V 50Hz
  • Ra: ≥75
  • Lumen(流明): 230Lm/340Lm
  • CCT(色温): 3000/4000K/6000K
  • Power: 3W/5W


Using switching to change color temperatures (warm white, nature white, cool white).
Unique optical design, without light pollution, glare or strobe,with uniform light field distribution.
Luminaire efficiency is above 85%.
Independent structure and design patents,compact and elegant.
Long life, high color rendering index, low heat.
Isolated constant current power supply with low voltage, safe, stable and reliable.
Green, lead-free, without UV radiation,without fragile glass.