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  • Input Voltage(电压): AC120V 60Hz
  • Power: 2W、3.5W、4W、7W
  • PF: ≥0.5
  • CCT(色温): 2200、2700
  • Size(尺寸): Φ80*115mm



1.Elegant design of LED filament bulb,popular by Europe and American market.

2.Glass body,insulating and safe,direct replaceable of traditional incandescent bulbs.

3.Driver compatible with EMC,dimmable.

4.Good led chip,CRI>80,warm white protect our eye well.

5.330° beam angle, high luminous flux,Long lifespan over 15000h.

6.Glass cover include : clear , amber, sliver-tip,milky white.

7.light transmittance of clear is more than 95%,light transmittance of amber is more than 90%.

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Model NumbersVotageWattage(W)Lumens(Lm)PFCCT(K)Size(mm)BaseColour
GMY-G25-2-27AC120V 60Hz2220≥0.52700Φ80×115E26Clear
GMY-G25-2-22AC120V 60Hz2180≥0.52200Φ80×115E26Amber
GMY-G25-3.5-27AC120V 60Hz3.5350≥0.52700Φ80×115E26Clear
GMY-G25-3.5-22AC120V 60Hz3.5300≥0.52200Φ80×115E26Amber
GMY-G25ST-3.5-27AC120V 60Hz3.5350≥0.52700Φ80×115E26Silver-tip
GMY-G25MK-4-27AC120V 60Hz4450≥0.52700Φ80×115E26Milky-White
GMY-G25MK-7-27AC120V 60Hz7800≥0.52700Φ80×115E26Milky-White


B10 33
ST19 33
G40 29
S14 16
G25 37
CA10 36